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Residential Pest Control

We have the equipment to rid your bird infestationWe are committed to protecting your home and health with a professional service. Our goal is to control the insect population by pin point applications using the least amount of product. We start by doing a thorough inspection of your property. The treatment will start by reducing the insect population on the outside, which will allow for limited application inside your home or no applications at all.  There are special needs for every customer that must be considered like scheduling appointments, newborn babies, asthma, pets and conducive conditions, etc. We believe that a little communication will go a long way in making our services the best in Texas.

We believe in prevention, allowing us to use less insecticide in most cases. When homes are not treated on a regular basis, the population can become very large in size. They can build up in walls, attics and areas around the home. Permitting insects to breed and live within a structure results in an accumulation of deposit droppings and body parts, which can become a threat to your health. Tired of the contracts that lock you in for an entire year? Give us a call. We believe that by providing you with a quality service, you will have us back again. Our Services’ Agreement is not a contract, allowing you to change companies at any time.  Call EnviroTeam Pest Control for a free evaluation and give us an opportunity to earn your trust.

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Bat Dropings inside home We have the equipment to rid your bird infestation We have the equipment to rid your bird infestation